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Being one of the most important ancient worlds Capitals which has been located along the Zagros Mounts in Iran, Hamedan is known as the capital of Persian history and civilization as well. Famous as Ecbatana, with its great 7-layered walls have been built during the first Median empires era. The city has been formed in order to be the first capital for the first Aryan Emperors.

The city of Hamedan is so highlighted during the history because of its great geographical location, pleasant climate and fruitful lands.


Hamedan could be considered as one of the rarest cities around the globe having all Muslims, Christians and Jewish communities living peacefully together.


It is now a home to a lot of Historical monuments as a result of crossing with a lot of historical events and also being a home to a lot of great poems and philosophers.


Country IRAN
Languages spokenFarsi
Currency usedIranian Rials

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